It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?: Hush, Hush

Guys. This book.

Not the most poetic start to a blog post, but I cannot get over this book by Becca Fitzpatrick. This is a re-read for me, but with a book this good? Definitely not an issue.

By looking at the cover you can see that this has been read a few times over and shows the markings of a well-traveled book.


The book surrounds lead character Nora Grey, a teenage girl living in Coldwater, Maine, a place that is in my top five fictional towns I want to retire in, second only to Stars Hollow from Gilmore Girls. Though Nora’s beloved father was brutally murdered near Portland a year before, she is an independent girl with an ultra-feminine best friend Vee and has zero time for boys. Nora is assigned a sulky yet darkly handsome lab partner Patch; you know the type. However, this isn’t a Twilight-esque novel in the slightest.

When Patch begins to seemingly follow Nora, she begins to get suspicious (as you will) and ultimately finds out he has been protecting her after many close-to-death encounters. It is later revealed that he is a fallen angel and she Nephilim, a race of half-human, half-angel beings that are littered over the earth. Like all good books, another character is lurking in the background and lurking for all the wrong reasons, particularly to end Nora. The book includes many twists and turns, but I’ll leave it up to you to find out the specifics.

For a teen reader, this book has everything: strong, believable characters, a good plot, favorable setting, an an edge that other YA books haven’t really touched upon. Fitzpatrick masterfully creates a world that readers want to dive headfirst into, and within the first few pages can be completely eclipsed by the book (not a Twilight reference, I swear). This book continues to rank highly on my list of favorites, and it’s for good cause. It caters more to fantasy readers, but the writing is so good that diverse audiences would be sure to enjoy it.

Oh, and it’s a part of a series. That’s right, there’s no crying in a corner after realizing you’ve come to the end of a fantastic book; Crescendo, Silence, and Finale follow suit.

Take a peek if you’re interested, ya nerds.





4 thoughts on “It’s Monday! What Are You Reading?: Hush, Hush

  1. This sounds like a fantastic book. I’m adding it to my reading list now. I loved the commentary in your writing, witty and hilarious. I look forward to more posts. P.S. I’d die to retire in Stars Hallow. Oy! With the poodles, already!


  2. Yes, yes, yes! I remember reading this in high school or middle school? One of the two. I had to wait for each sequential book to come out. When the final one was released one of my friends bought it and our friend group had to draw names to see who would be able to read it first! Definitely want to reread this series at some point… Major nostalgia points!


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