It’s Monday! What are You Reading?: Eragon

To begin, anyone who knows me can vouch when I say I’m into a good fantasy story. This isn’t just restricted to books–Game of Thrones is my favorite show (with Downton Abbey a very, very close tie), but to say I’ve had my fill of fantasy and supernatural is an understatement.


Hello, hello, Jon Snow. *schoolgirl giggle*

So, when I was perusing my shelves and saw Eragon, which was on my to-read list for many a year, I thought it a good pick.

Well, ladies and gentlemen, like always, I was right. (Just kidding…I’m only right about 74.8% of the time. Margin of error, you know.)

I’ll begin with a mini-review to get you all up to speed.

We begin with Eragon, who is by all means a simple farm boy living in the medieval land of Alagaesia. He lives with his Uncle Garrow and his cousin Roran, all of who are very close-knit. While on a hunt for meat in the Spine, a notoriously dangerous rift of mountains wrought with God-knows-what (i.e. magic), he comes upon a mysterious sapphire stone after a freak explosion in the forest. It is later revealed that the stone is actually a dragon egg, and in it is a dragon named Saphira. This is at a time when all dragons are believed to be extinct, and with them the famous Dragon Riders who bestowed protection and goodness on the land; evil king Galbatorix made sure of that. However, when his Uncle Garrow is killed after a suspicious house fire, it is later revealed that it was at the hands of the Ra’zac, supernatural beings working for none other than Galbatorix. With Saphira and a local storyteller named Brom, the trio set out for vengeance against Garrow’s death and an upheaval of everything Galbatorix stands for.

This is a book that, although having a slow start, is packed with action once it gets rolling. We have swordplay, magic, adventure, and best of all, DRAGONS! DRAGONS, GUYS!


Example of said dragon above.

And to top it off, the author, Christopher Paolini, wrote this when he graduated high school at fifteen. Fifteen. You know what I was doing at fifteen? Growing out terrible bangs and trying to figure out how to put on my eyeliner evenly, that’s what.

All in all, I couldn’t get enough of Eragon. Which is good on my part, because there’s three more books to go! Comforting, right?

Check it out, fellow nerds. If you love fantasy, it won’t disappoint.




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