Chips and YALSA

Okay, dudes. It seems like every week I’m learning about the existence of cooler and cooler resources available for us, and I get more and more encouraged about YA lit every week. How cool is it to be able to feel like that?! I’ll answer you; it’s pretty cool. Pretty cool indeed.

Just when I think I’ve found that YA glass ceiling where things can’t get any more rad, it does.  This is where YALSA and The Hub come in. I’m particularly fond of the acronym YALSA, because it sounds like literary salsa, and I think that’s neat. Why is YALSA and The Hub so cool, you may ask? Allow me.

If you’re looking for any kind of booklist, award, or area of interest, YALSA and The Hub have you covered. Think you know all of the awards out there for YA books? Think again. Book awards I had no conception of can be found here, including awards such as the Odyssey Award for best children’s or YA audiobook and the Morris Award, which awards outstanding first time authors in YA lit. YALSA gives you information on current and past winners, the committees involved in awarding said winners, and even where authors can submit to become a potential winner. One of my personal favorites is the Teen Book Finder App, which finds books based on selected lists or interests, including books given certain awards.

The Hub is one of YALSA’s blogs, and boy is it packed with every list imaginable for every interest or need imaginable. It’s like Belle’s library, but in book blog form.

Me scrolling through YALSA and The Hub

A sample of some of the lists available include books featuring outer space themes, books where a character is more than their illness, and even a list of books that are retellings of classic fairy tales. You’ll find books you weren’t even looking for but have to read on this blog, which can supremely benefit both you and your student readers in finding something worthy of their attention. Personally, I’ve added The Memory Book and Goldie Vance to my lists, both of which I’d never have found if not for The Hub. Win.

If you’re looking for that miracle resource, or if you’re simply wondering what to read next, check out these sites. You’ll learn a good bit of information, and I’m sure you’ll come out of it with something new to read.

Until next time, readers.

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6 thoughts on “Chips and YALSA

  1. You are right, there are so many ways to find YA books and we seem to find a new one each week. It’s great that there are so many because young adults should have no problem finding books to read. If they have a favorite author or want to search by genre they are likely to find a book that will entice them. I’m looking forward to using this site more to find books to read.


  2. Had not even thought about YALSA sounding like salsa, but it’s so true. Anyway, I agree we continue to break the glass ceiling every week. There are so many great resources out there and you’re right this site allows you to come across books that you weren’t even looking for.


  3. I learned so much from YALSA. We may think we know everything about YA literature after taking this course, but really, this is just the beginning. There is so much out there to be explored. I loved the fact that I could look at the lists on YALSA and find new and interesting awards and books. The best thing I think is that all of this is for the students. YALSA puts them first and their reading needs. To say reading isn’t important is like saying you don’t need chips to eat salsa.


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